stressed out.

Ever since returning from the honeymoon, I have been more anxious and stressed out than I ever have been. The only thing that is stable, calming, and joyful is my husband. I’m very grateful for him, but how can I return to my days of limited stress? Between preparing for grad school, the impending month of August in which I will give my two weeks notice to a company that has been amazing to me, the post-wedding clutter, and needing to start building a joint financial plan in addition to our separate bank accounts, life just seems like a big mess of stress. To be perfectly frank, I used to cope with stress by smoking. Haven’t had a cigarette in about six months now though and I’m in need of stress coping tactics that don’t negatively impact my body. I think I’ll end up running a few miles each night and will just have to tell the nagging voice in my head that says “you could be doing productive things” while I take an hour or so to calm myself down through some cardio.

PS PLEASE leave other suggestions (I’m really bad at being still so yoga and meditation don’t cut it)



Excuse the lack of posts. I will detail further how utterly perfect our wedding was when we are back stateside. For now, we are relaxing in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and enjoying luxury we have never experienced before this. More updates after I am back at a computer 🙂


One of the things I am most proud of is how well I save money. Well, today I rewarded myself for literally saving about 75% of my earnings (the rest goes to bills and groceries). What did I do? Bought a cheap ticket to LA in September for a weekend of West Coast fun 🙂 I have never been so simultaneously uncomfortable and excited with an impulse buy. But I have a free place to stay, will have a 10 hour layover in Denver (one of my favorite cities) and dammit, I deserve a break. It’s pretty cool that 2017 is shaping up to be the most exciting and wonderful year of my life. 
Taking suggestions for how to spend my 24 hours in LA since it’s only a weekend trip and I will only have Sunday to sightsee.

writer’s block

This is an unapologetic call for inspiration. I remember when I could write something lovely on any and every subject at the drop of a hat. Perhaps I am simply out of practice, but I am struggling to find my way here. Please send me questions–about anything. I may not be able to answer everything but dammit, I will try. I really just need to find the cure from this severe case of writer’s block…..

We swiped right.

Don’t deny it. Tinder’s a pretty magical app for those dating in 2017. Hell, it was just as magical in 2015 actually. As my intro stated, I am only a few weeks away from marrying my life partner and while we joke about it now, we are also eternally grateful for Tinder facilitating our relationship. Two years ago, we were met with some pretty heavy skepticism when we told friends that we met through the notoriously shallow dating site. To me, Tinder is a phenomenal way to start a relationship (though neither of us were using it with that in mind).

Physical attraction is pretty damn important in a relationship, in my opinion. Tinder just openly acknowledges that by letting people swipe right or left based on appeal. So yeah, most of the time the app is used to find a good lay for the night. Shit, that’s what we used it for–there are no lies on this blog. I was also hungry and in college, so the offer of free food sounded pretty spectacular. He followed the dinner date up with a grade-A move–he took me ice skating. I mean, I’ve been known to sleep with someone after having a much less pleasant date after all.

We’ve been through a lot in the 2.5 years we have been together. I knew after that first date that if I didn’t spend forever with him, I would at least be spending the next five years with him. My intuition freaks me out sometimes, and I kept that sentiment to myself until after the whole “love” bridge was crossed.

My point is that meeting people is hard. We are often too busy or nervous to strike up conversation in a random public space. Unless you meet someone through church (which I religiously avoid), volunteering, or some community event (which is also hard to find time for), virtual platforms are certainly the most convenient and effective. So keep using Tinder to hook-up with hot single people. Who knows? Maybe that next person you swipe right on will be around for longer than you expect?

first post

I guess it’s only appropriate to begin with an introduction. I am a 23 year young, spunky, and hopefully realistic woman. In May of 2016, I graduated with a B.A. degree in Women’s Studies and will be starting my Master of Public Administration in August. So, I’ve had a year between higher education to participate in, love, and despise the treacheries of adulthood. I currently have three jobs–my main job and the two that allow me to enjoy life a little more while still being financially responsible. I also have an incredibly wonderful life partner whom I will be marrying in a mere 27 days. And on top of all that, I believe that I’ve experienced enough in my short time on this earth that perhaps something I write could be of comfort to some other internet humans.

I’m happy to write articles on whatever interests people. I expect that NPR will inspire quite a few of my posts. I want to share my love of being thrifty with anyone who’ll listen. And the ultimate goal (and partial inspiration for my URL) is to record my travels around the world.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it 🙂